The Disto D1 - Back to Basics The D1 is perfect for quick and accurate interior measurements. It is small and very light. This is a real benefit when you’re trying to measure at awkward angles or handling other tools. Whether you are measuring for interior carpentry, flooring, hanging pictures on a wall or just checking to see if the furniture you’re looking at online will fit in your house, the D1 has you covered. Compact and simple to use without compromising quality, accuracy or durability

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DISTO™ Sketch

Pair the D1 with any smartphone or tablet to create digital floor plans on the fly with the DISTO Sketch app.

DISTO™ Sketch integrates measurements into project images or job-site sketches to speed up workflows. Error-free documentation of projects sent instantly back to the office or to the site. The DISTO™ Sketch app is available where you source all of your phone apps free of charge.


  • Accuracy in favorable conditions: 2 mm
  • Accuracy in unfavorable conditions: 3 mm
  • Range with favorable conditions: 0.2 - 40 m
  • Range with unfavorable conditions: 0.2 - 30 m
  • Smallest unit displayed: 0.1 mm
  • Laser class: 2
  • Laser type: 635 nm, <1 mW
  • ø laser point | at distances: 6 /30 /60 mm | 10/ 50/ 100 m
  • Protection class: IP54 (dust- and splash water protected)
  • Auto. laser switch off: after 90 s
  • Auto. power switch off: after 180 s
  • Bluetooth® Smart: Bluetooth® v4.0
  • Range of Bluetooth® Smart: <10m
  • Battery durability (2 x AAA): up to 10000 measurements
  • Dimensions (HxDxW): 115 x 43.5 x 23.5 mm
  • Weight (with batteries): 87 g/ 3.07 oz
  • Operation Temperature Range: -0 to 40°C
  • Warranty Period: 2 Years (+1 Year with registration)