Horizontal - Vertical - Slope - Plumb Offering high versatility in general construction and interior applications, the Leica Rugby 640 universal laser allows contractors to perform all horizontal, vertical and simple slope tasks quickly and reliably. For easy beam detection, use the simple Leica Rod Eye 120 laser receiver. For extended range and performance, upgrade to Leica Rod Eye 160 digital receiver.

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  • Fit for any interior and exterior levelling, aligning and squaring application
  • Scan 90 – make layout easier by quickly moving the beam to the left or right side
  • Plumb Down – automatic and accurate plum down direction for alignment over a reference point
  • Sleep Mode – save battery and put the Leica Rugby into sleep mode without disturbing your set up

Increasing functionality and application flexibility, the Leica RC 400 remote control allows contractors to:

  • Effortlessly perform slope and plumb applications
  • Easily move scan lines
  • Simply change rotating speed
  • Save on battery power whenever needed
  • Remote control range 200


  • Laser Source: 635 nm, Class 2, <3,4mW
  • Laser Accuracy: ±2.2 mm at 30 m
  • Operating Range: 500 m diameter with RE120, 600m with RE160
  • Method: Electronic self-levelling
  • Dual Axis Manual Slope Mode: Yes (w/self-levelling mode on the second axis)
  • Out-of-level Warning: Rotor stops, X and Y LED's flash and Rugby beeps rapidly
  • Power Source: 4 x D-cell alkaline batteries or Li-ion battery option
  • Battery Life: Rechargeable – 40+ hours, Alkaline – 60+ hours
  • Battery Status LED: 4 indications of battery level (Li-ion)
  • Rotation Speed: 600 RPM, 10 RPS
  • Tripod Mount 5/8” x 11
  • Operating Temperature: -20 °C to 50 °C
  • Water Resistant: Yes, IP67
  • Size: 21.2L × 23.9W ×19.2H cm
  • Weight: 2,56 kg
  • Warranty: 3 Years